Since I have several different health issues that cause diarrhea, factoring in the dumping syndrome has been a difficult challenge.  Prescriptions, over the counter medications and food supplements from the health food store help to a degree, but in the end, it all comes down to diet.  Eating a bland soup with crackers sooths the stomach and intestines until soft foods can be reintroduced.  Jelly on my muffin is replaced by peanut butter. Every time, and it is often, that I am told that I am low in something, I am on the Internet finding foods that are rich in that particular vitamin and my next stop is in my cook books. I still struggle with my symptoms, but not as often as I used to have them. I am finding it very difficult to handle bowel incontinence.  I have had severe diarrhea while I was out in public, so I don’t leave home much.  I don’t eat dairy or fruit products, but instead I have changed my foods  to soy products and vegatables.  I have more  good days than bad days with my new outlook oncooking and eating food.  Absorption problems still haunt me, but I am maneuvering around the challenges. My hope is that I might help someone and make things easier than things were for me. Talk to you soon!