I have become a woman of accessories. Some are for the cramping pain of my limited stomach and my intestines. Others are for what that cramping might have been predicting. Explosive diarrhea or bowel incontinence, where each  passing of foul gas produces an accident. Sure, they make panty liners and adult diapers for urine incontinence, but what about people like me? The best I can do is wear a panty liner to absorb as much as it can, until I can get to a restroom. I often travel to a doctor’s appointment with a change of clothes. Sitting on a plastic cover on the car seat is a must. I have become reintroduced to baby wipes for the same purpose and oh,  don’t forget that gentle lotion to prevent rashes. At times, it all seems overwhelming.

It’s back to the drawing board for me. There must be something in my diet that is triggering this response or I must have gone overboard and not estimated correctly, eight ounces of food and caused the dumping syndrome.