Hello World,

I just got through a rather lengthy, painful emptying syndrome. But that is the rhythm. My caregiver and I went through my food journal where I also put if I had diarrhea or not, to see how many good days I have. It was 16 out of 31 days. That is a disheartening fact. I have to figure out how to have more than 16 days.

Since my system hadn’t moved in 13 days, I have to figure out how I am going to have a bowel movement every three days. We haven’t figured out how, but we have ideas. We are thinking that we are going to shorten the cycle. Perhaps a great deal of fiber should be consumed every three days to makes my system move.

These past few days were horrid. I knew when my  intestines swelled to the point that I appeared nine months pregnant. I knew I was due for a hard time, but not like this. We are keeping track of everything that happens to me. I wish I could tell you differently, but I am still weak from the emptying period.  I may have 16 days, but we haven’t documented how many of those 16 days I am recovering from the ordeal.

The fact is, I lost 7 lbs. in two days. I stayed running distance from the bathroom until I felt safe enough to get on the scale. I weighed 100 lbs. again. I can’t seem to get past that number. Everything I eat seems to go toward the emptying process. Perhaps the three day fiber will be the answer. It has to be in my diet because I was told that is all the doctors could do about my lack of a stomach. It has been a year and two months since I had the gastrectomy, vagotomy and I am still struggling. It is hard to feel positive when you have been through so much. I feel like I am ready to die. I can’t give up because of my grandsons, but it is so hard making it through one day. It is all so  hit and miss and everyone is different. My GI doctor did the tests to find out that I was fructose and lactose intolerant and I was both. That has been a challenge. I am hoping things get better.

I haven’t figured everything out, but I think I am on the right track. I think diet is the the key and I need to keep up my food journal and now keep track of how often I have a bowel movement. I try not to think of the prognosis for someone without a stomach, but it stares me in the face.

I hope the emptying cycle is done and I can get around more freely. Sometimes, I feel as though I can’t go through the extreme cramping that w happens when I eat food, but I need to find the right food. Yesterday, I went shopping and I loaded up on smoked oysters for their iron. I averted an iron IV before, maybe I can do it again, since I have been getting signs that my iron is low. I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but like anything else, every case is different. I just keep on eating the fresh foods that hold the nutritional content that I need, and hope that someday I will find an answer.

Sorry, I was so down beat, but I have been and still am, very weak. Take care of yourselves and I will talk to you soon.