I haven’t been posting lately because my health has taken a sideways turn. My primary doctor did a three month blood work up and my iron is now sky high and my vitamin B6 is off the roof. Normal is 30 and mine is in the hundreds. My doctor called the next day to check on me and I was still trying to wrap my brain around this new information. I looked up iron toxicity and vitamin B6 toxicity and I have been having the symptoms for weeks. I downloaded a list of each of the vitamins and minerals that I had too much off, to see which foods to back off of. I added a list on vitamin K because I have been bruising a lot and when I get my nerve injections, sometimes I bleed just a bit too much.

I sat down and compared the lists and basically, the only things I can eat are white bread and eggs (not too many). What to do, what to do. I left my grocery list mostly blank and put a big question mark about what foods to back off on and which I can eat. I backed off of the vitamin B6, but my number were still way to high. Now, I gave up on gatorade because it has so many bad sugars and now, after checking the label, I have to give up my flavored water because, for some reason, they put mega amounts of vitamin B6. I guess I have to bunker down and develop a taste for tea. I am hoping that this information will make it so I can try to eat a more regular (for me) diet. I showed the list to my care provider and she asked me what I was supposed to eat. I asked to question back to her. We put our head together as much as we could, but for some reason, I got a craving for black caviar. I haven’t had it in years. I bought some, and some soy cream cheese and crackers and my sparkling soda and I toasted all the wonderful things that have gone on in my life. I also have to accept that I may go to my grave with unfinished business.

Food is getting painful to eat and I know the progression of this situation, especially if you have gastroparesis of the upper intestines. That is why my upper intestines never tried to adapt to becoming part of my limited stomach. It just never happened. I don’t think the surgeons in this area, or anywhere else for that matter, know all there is to know about how the stomach will react to certain assaults. In my case, the surgeon took so much of my stomach because it was his theory that he could cure gastroparesis in the stomach by removing most of the stomach. He told me he had another patient with gastroparesis that had the surgery and is now doing fine. I didn’t think to ask, what effect, having gastroparesis in my upper intestines have on the failure or success of the surgery. In my case I would say that the theory is flawed and more consideration should be taken when you have an all ready emaciated patient if there recovery will will compromised by health. I told my GI doctor before the surgery, I didn’t think I was strong enough to withstand the surgery, but he assured me I would be fine.

I was told I should sue my doctors, but I don’t believe they did this to me maliciously, but it hurts just a bit when my other doctors or doctors at the hospital ask me why they took so much of my stomach. I can’t answer that question anymore. I had such faith..even my eye doctor has commented on how my life was shorted by the surgery. That is just a fact. I am going to write a letter to each of the the surgeons and let them know how I experienced them and I want them not to ever do a gastrectomy, vagotomy unless it is life threatening. I want them to read my blog and see what my days are like, good and bad. I especially want them to know what it has been like to face the fact that my lifespan has been shortened. I have two beautiful grandsons that I would like to see grow up. That is why I do so much research on diet and read all the labels.

So, I bought a jar of black caviar and enjoyed my evening snack while I considered what I wanted to say to the doctors and I am preparing myself for the fact that neither of them may respond at all. I enjoyed my treat as I started my letter. It is not going to be easy, but I don’t want the surgeon to say that he did this operation on a 58 year old woman and she is doing fine. The fact is, he doesn’t know how I’m doing and I just feel that he needs to know before doing this operation again and what information about absorption, etc. he/she needs to make available to the patient, so they can make an informed decision.

So, Bon Apetite and a toast to seeing my grandchildren next week and may the spirits that be  allow me a few good days so I can enjoy them.

Talk to you soon, take care of yourselves,