To be  honest with you, this is the hardest thing that I ever have had to face. My food intake is getting to the point where it can barely sustain my existence. I know the question of starving to death, which would take months and be extremely painful unless I can get a doctor that believes in salient treatment, where they sedate you to death. That is the more humane way to go. It is hard to think about saliant treatment . who is going to keep my stories for my grandchildren  about magic and dreams?

I hope I am here, but I get a lab report telling me that my B6 should be 30, but Dr. Patel said that it was in the hundreds. My iron is high to. I went over the diet and I think I should make an appointment with the dietitian to find a sustainable diet. My blood pressure has been very high.

My lab work was good this last week, but for the high B6 and the iron being high, I think it is time to adjust my diet, but I have been reading and the only thing that crossed over was white bread and egg, fully cooked of course. I have been on this diet for a month now and things have been good. The water I was drinking had mega doses of vitamin B 6 , so I can’t drink it anymore. I have to find something else to add taste to water.

I am getting my affairs in order and I  am writing a letter to my surgeon, begging him not to do this operation until it is proven in a lab.

Sorry this is short, but I am tired,

Keep me in your prayers,